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Skyblock: The Hoax Pass Update

Hey everyone! This week we'll be covering the new Hoax Pass Update! New Free & Premium Challenge TracksWe have officially split the current Hoax Pass up into a Free Track and a Premium

Skyblock: Pig Reset

Hey all, and welcome to the Skyblock Pig Reset post. The new map for the next season of Skyblock Pig will be released this Friday January 31st @3:00 PM EST Let's jump

Skyblock: Dirt Reset

Hey all, and welcome to the Skyblock Dirt Reset post. The new map for the next season of Skyblock Dirt will be released this Saturday 25th January @ 1:00 PM EST Let's jump

Skyblock: Rewards & Pets Update

Hello everyone, welcome to the Rewards and Pets Update. We will be showcasing three updates in this post two of which are additions made to create more opportunity for free rewards! Community ChallengesCommunity

Skyblock: The Generator & Enchants Update

Greetings everyone, this week we bring you The Generator & Enchants Update! We will be showcasing these two new and exciting additions throughout this post, let's jump right in. The GeneratorWe have reworked

Skyblock: The Co-op Update

Hey everyone, this week, we bring you The Co-op Update. Island Co-op will allow you to give the player of your choice temporary access to build/break blocks on your island. You can

Skyblock: The Supercharges Recharged Update

Hey everyone, this week we're bringing you an update to Spawner Supercharging. We've heard your complaints about Supercharging being too much work for what it does, so with this update we are making

Purchase Reclaim System

Hey everyone, recently we've been hearing some concerns from the community about your previous purchases from last season not carrying over onto the new map. While we cannot transfer over some items from

Skyblock: Roles Update

This week, we bring you more flag customization and increased control over your island member's permissions. As an Island leader, it can be helpful to categorize your members based on their role on

Thanksgiving Sale + Crate

Happy turkey day everyone! Here is our new server turkey day mascot (old one has happily retired): Anyways, let's get into how we plan on celebrating this Thanksgiving with you. 20% OFF SaleYes,

Skyblock: The Planting Machine

Welcome to this week's content update on HoaxMC. This week we add the Planting Machine to our collection of machines. The machine will automatically plant, grow and farm the crop of your choice,

Skyblock Chicken Reset

Hey all, and welcome to the Skyblock Chicken Reset post. The new map of chicken will be released this Saturday @ 1:00 PM EST Resets include a wipe of the entire map, which

The Machine Update

Hey there, this week on HoaxMC, we bring you The Machine Update! Introducing the Research Machine & the Crafting Machine! These brand new machines can be obtained through crates, the rotating mobshop, and

God Rank Release

Today we've added a new rank to our selection. The new top rank called God Rank will be at a price of $60 ($54 with sale). The rank earns its top spot by

Prison Zombie Release

Today, we announce the release of a long term project that has been in the works for a while. The prison gamemode is one of the oldest gamemodes in Minecraft Multiplayer and we

The Halloween Update

Happy Halloween everyone! This Halloween we are celebrating with some new spooky content, which we'll cover in this post. Grim Reaper GKitWith this new GKit which is only available for a limited time,

The Not So Minor Update

This week on HoaxMC, we bring you a number of small updates that are collectively impactful enough that we felt an update post would be appropriate. 3 New Island Flags We have added

The Player Shop Update

Hey everyone, we are back with another great update! This week, we’re bringing you a brand new Chestshop (Player Shop) reimagined from the ground up. CHESTSHOP Start a chestshop by putting a

The Enchanted Update

Welcome back to yet another update! This week we bring you two new custom enchants. You can check out these enchants in-game using /enchant or /ce. Find all the info on the new

The Fishing Update

Hey everyone, we are back with another update here on HoaxMC. Let’s jump right in! Knowing that fishing is a popular way to gain some valuable loot, we want to make your