Prison: Blaze Reset

Prison: Blaze Reset

Hey all, and welcome to the Prison Blaze Reset post!

The next season of the Prison Blaze realm will be released this Saturday July 4th @ 2:00 PM EST / 4:00 AM AEST / 7:00 PM BST.

Resets include a fresh wipe of the entire map, which means your plot, robots, chests, private vaults, McMMO, and all materials you own in-game will be gone.

However, your ranks, kits, Gkits, tags, disguises, or anything that has been promised to you as a permanent purchase will stay with you through to the next map. This also includes Black Market items that you purchased last season.

Take a look at the awesome new Blaze themed spawn!

This season we have a whole bunch of awesome updates for the Prison Blaze server, so make sure you read the whole post and don't miss out on any of the information!

Prison Pets

Introducing new Prison Pets! Foster awesome pets and keep them in your very own plot Zoo!

Players can purchase Pet Eggs from the tokenshop, then place them in their plot Zoo to start getting the benefits! While you're online, your pet will gather currency over time while you're busy mining, PvPing or even while you're AFK. When you're offline, your pets will still gather currency if they've been placed in the Zoo, and you can collect it when you're back online!

Different types of pets can give you different currencies, like cash or tokens, while in your Zoo. They can be upgraded by combining pets with the same stats together to make them gather currency at a quicker rate. For example, if you've got 2 Iron pets at level 1, if you combine them together you will get an Iron pet at level 2!

Premium Eggs & Monthly Pets

Premium Pet Eggs give you a higher chance at getting an awesome pet! As well as this, there is a chance that you can get the super rare Monthly Pet from the Premium Pet Eggs.

Each month, you'll get the chance to win a different type of Monthly Pet from the Premium Eggs. Each Monthly Pet will have a unique ability, so make sure you grab one as when the month is over, it'll be gone and you won't be able to get it again.

The Monthly Pet for June will be the Amethyst Pet! This cool Elemental pet will randomly give you enchantment books with levels based off of the tier of the pet!

Purchase Premium Pet Eggs from the server store here.

Candy Bombs

Introducing the brand new Candy Bombs! Like Mine Bombs, you can throw them at the blocks in a mine and they'll explode, however instead of breaking the blocks, they will turn nearby blocks into Candy.

Image from Gyazo

You'll then be able to mine the Candy blocks and have a chance to receive a Candy item with a random tier.

Image from Gyazo

Candies are consumable items that give you an effect that could be useful in PvP or mining. These effects only last for a certain amount of seconds and become more powerful the more refined they are. Players can use Refineries to make their Candies have better stats.

New God Kits

We're adding 2 new Gkits to go along with the release of Candy Bombs - the Candy Farmer Gkit and the Crystal Grinder Gkit.

Candy Farmer Gkit

This Gkit will contain 16 Candy bombs, a 300 slot Backpack and unique disenchantable Candy Farmer enchantment. This new enchantment is only available to get from the Gkit and it will randomly give you Candy Seeds and sometimes even giving you full pieces of Candy while you're mining.

You'll receive protection 4, unbreaking 5 armor in this Gkit and the cooldown after using the Gkit will be 7 days.

Image from Gyazo

Crystal Grinder Gkit

This Gkit will contain 16 Mine Bombs, a 300 slot Backpack, 6x Speed 2 potions and unique disenchantable Crystal Farmer enchantment. This new enchantment is only available to get from the Gkit and it will double the chance of getting crystals while you're mining.

You'll receive protection 4, unbreaking 5 armor in this Gkit and the cooldown after using the Gkit will be 7 days.

Image from Gyazo

Dimension Hopper Enchantment

Introducing a brand new legendary custom enchantment - Dimension Hopper! When this enchantment activates, you will be teleported to another dimension where you can mine for a limited amount of time!

During your limited time in the other dimension, you'll be able to mine the blocks that are there, which you can hand in to the Sellers for a higher amount of money compared to your normal current mine! You want to make the most of the time there though and mine as much as you can, as you won't be there for long!


Minebosses are bosses that will randomly spawn in a any of the mines, that you must defeat to get special rewards!

There will be a few different types of bosses and each one will have unique abilities and varying amounts of health depending on the mine it spawns in. The higher the mine level, the higher the health of the boss when it spawns.

Image from Gyazo

When simply attacking the boss you will gain candies and tokens randomly. When beating the boss the top 3 players that deal the most damage will receive the special rewards!

Private Mines

Become the owner of your very own Private Mine on your plot! Players will be able to place 1 Private Mine on their personal plots which they can upgrade them to become better than the normal mines!

The small Private Mine starts at 13x13 blocks and the medium mine starts at 17x17 blocks. Both Private Mines can be upgraded to larger sizes by using in-game money. When Private Mines have been upgraded, they will have better blocks you can mine and higher sell prices.


The /duel plugin has been added to Blaze! Players can participate in 1v1, 2v2 & 2v1 duels (if the map you fight on can hold more than 2 players). The soup bowls being empty or full indicate whether you've completed that part of the duel setup.

Create your own custom kit to duel someone with or use one of the premade kits. Choose what type of armor, weapons, food and potions you want to use in your kit. You can create and save up to 4 custom kits.

Image from Gyazo

Customize what enchantments you want on your armor and weapons.

Image from Gyazo

Create a public or private duel. If your duel is public, then players will be allowed to spectate with /duel spectate [IGN] as well as the duel results being broadcast in chat for all players to see. You can turn off duel broadcasts in the duel setup menu.

Image from Gyazo

Additional Changes

  • Dust change - you can now turn multiple books into dust
  • We've reworked leaderboards to include more Prison related things - this includes being able to see how many Crystals you have gathered, how many Fragments you have found, Candies used, blocks broken from candies, players killed with candies, candies sold, total money earned, most damage done to bosses & most bosses killed.
  • Crystal crafting - You can now upgrade crystals to next tier if you have multiple of them
  • Updated and added lots more questions related to Chat Quizzes
  • Updated casino prices and gambling to better fit the higher economy
  • You can now toggle Outpost and KoTH notifications by doing /toggleoutpost or /togglekoth

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday 4th July at 2:00 PM EST for the Blaze Reset! Feel free to let us know what you think on our Discord server:

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