Skyblock: Chicken Reset

Skyblock: Chicken Reset

Hey all, and welcome to the Skyblock Chicken Reset post!

The next season of the Skyblock Chicken realm will be released this Saturday August 21st @ 1:00 PM EST / 4:00 AM AEST / 6:00 PM BST.

Resets include a fresh wipe of the entire map, which means your island, robots, chests, private vaults, McMMO, and all materials you own in-game will be gone.

However, your ranks, kits, Gkits, tags, disguises, or anything that has been promised to you as a permanent purchase will stay with you through to the next map. This also includes Black Market items that you purchased last season.

New Spawn

The new map will bring a new awesome spawn for Chicken! Check out a sneak peek below:‌

As well as a new spawn, there will be a new Outpost map!

New Economy

Along with the new spawn, we have spent some time reworking and re-balancing the Chicken economy. The new economy document can be found here:

Chicken Season VIII Economy
Blocks Item Name,Buy price/item,Buy price/stack,Buy price/inventory,Buy price/double chest,Sell price/item,Sell price/stack,Sell price/inventory,Sell price/double chestStone,$12,$768,$27,648,$41,472,$3.00,$192.00,$6,912.00,$10,368.00Granite,$12,$768,$27,648,$41,472,$3.00,$192.00,$6,912.00,$10,...

Island Top Payouts

Winners for the payouts will be rewarded at the end of the season. The Payout prizes are:‌

1st: $100 PayPal
2nd: $25 PayPal, $25 Buycraft
3rd: $40 Buycraft
4th: $30 Buycraft
5th: $20 Buycraft

Bi-Weekly Updates

As you may know already, we release bi-weekly content updates for Skyblock. This means that you don't have to wait for updates to be added just during the resets, instead you'll see new features added every other weekend!

We recently released 3 brand new features, if you're not up to date with the latest content updates then be sure to check them out below:

Content Update - July 2021

We took a look at our existing pets on Skyblock and made some balance changes, as well as added 4 awesome new pets that you can collect!

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Mob Tools & Swords

Introducing brand new Mob Tools and Mob Swords to Skyblock! These powerful items are forged using the Enhanced Heads of fallen mobs, allowing you to harness their unique abilities for your own gain.

Skyblock: Mob Tools & Swords
Hello everyone! For this week’s content update we are introducing brand new MobTools and Mob Swords to Skyblock! These powerful items are forged using the Enhanced Heads of fallen mobs, allowing you to harness their unique abilities for your own gain. Mob ToolsMob Tools are ancient relics emp…

The Cosmetic Update

For this fun update we added awesome new emote commands, sprays, reworked tags, robot skins and more!

The Cosmetic Update
Hey everyone, this week’s content update will be global, meaning that most ofthe new features will be available to use on every realm. You can look forwardto seeing our fun new emote commands, sprays, reworked tags, robot skins andmore! Emote CommandsExpress how you’re feeling by using the ne…

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday August 21st at 1:00 PM EST for the Chicken Reset! Feel free to let us know what you think on our Discord server:‌

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