Christmas Sale & Presents Crate

Christmas Sale & Presents Crate

Hey everyone!


Everything in our store will be 50% off until December 26th!


We have released a limited time Present Crate for the holiday season! Find it in the crate keys categories on The Presents Crate is valued at $10 for 2, but with the 50% OFF Sale you can get Present Crates at a low price of $5 for 2!  Your Present Crate can contain a special disguise, tag or even the limited time powerful SANTA Rank!  You can check out what each crate contains below.




Santa Rank is exclusively obtained from Present Crates that has the equivalent perks of the top rank on each realm, in addition to the exclusive Santa tag cosmetic! Again, the only way to obtain the Santa Rank is through the Presents crate.

From the entire HoaxMC team, we wish you a happy holiday and a happy new year! We all appreciate everyone's support this year, and are excited for what is to come in 2020! Make sure to log onto the server on Christmas day for a present from the HoaxMC team ;)

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