Skyblock: The Co-op Update

Skyblock: The Co-op Update

Hey everyone, this week, we bring you The Co-op Update.

Island Co-op will allow you to give the player of your choice temporary access to build/break blocks on your island. You can co-op a player on your island using /is coop {player}. Co-op'd players will also bypass lockdowns on your island.

When you get Co-op'd on an island, you will receive the following message in chat to notify you

When you Co-op a player, you will get the following message

When your Co-op access gets revoked you will also be notified of the reasoning

By default, the Owner and Co-Owner roles have access to grant Co-op to players on your island. You can read more on setting up and editing island roles below

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You can enable/disable the ability for your members to add Co-op'd players by finding the Eye of Ender inside your roles flag GUI. It should look like this:

A Co-op'd player will lose their power when either the Co-op'd player logs off or the island member that issued the Co-op command logs off. We hope you enjoy this new addition to our list of Skyblock features, make sure you let us know your thoughts and opinions on our discord!

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