Skyblock: Island Customization & Scaling Outpost Rewards Update

Skyblock: Island Customization & Scaling Outpost Rewards Update

Hey everyone! This week we're introducing the Island Customization & Scaling Outpost Rewards Update. We will be showcasing three new features, two tailored towards island customization and the other being a reworking of the outpost reward system. Let's get started!

Island Names

By popular request, we have added the ability to name your island! Set your custom island name using /is name

Your island will be known to the rest of the server by its name, so choose something unique and special. The name will be displayed on /is top, /is who, /is chat, outpost, warps, teleport titles, and more!

Island Time

You can now set a permanent time for your island. Whether for extra aesthetic effect or just personal preference, /is time will open a GUI with 4 time frame options, including: Sunrise, Midday, Sunset, and Midnight.

Scaling Outpost Rewards

Outposts are a great way to gain a consistent boost of resources and perks for your island. Capturing the outpost gains you an extra sum of money, a spawner boost, and an EXP boost. Previously, these values were fixed throughout the whole season, however, we have changed that. Starting now, these values scale week by week, making the rewards more powerful.

Rewards for the next 3 weeks

  • Week #1 - 200k
  • Week #2 - 250k
  • Week #3 - 300k
Spawner Boost
  • Week #1 - 1.80x
  • Week #2 - 1.95x
  • Week #3 - 2.10x
EXP Boost
  • Week #1 - 2.30x
  • Week #2 - 2.45x
  • Week #3 - 2.60x

You can find more information about the outpost by using /Outpost

We hope you enjoy this week's content update, take some time to try them out and leave us your feedback on our discord:

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