Free For All Event (LMS)

Free For All Event (LMS)

Introducing a brand new event that will be taking place on Skyblock and Prison, where you must show your strengths in a free for all battle and become the last man standing!

What is FFA?

The new Free For All event is a battle until the death, where the last players remaining will be rewarded for their skill. There is no limit to how many players can join the event when it happens a few times a day, and the last 5 players alive will receive rewards. Rewards will be increasingly better the higher the position you place (in the top 5), as well as how long you manage to stay alive for.

When the event is about to begin, there will be a message in chat that you can click to join. There will be 1 minute where you can join the event before it closes, so make sure you're keeping an eye on chat if you're eager to take part.

Taking Part

When you have been teleported to the FFA arena, you'll need to wait until the event begins so during this time, you will not be able to move around. When the 1 minute join timer is up, the event will instantly begin and you will be able to move around again.

In the arena, you will be given a premade set of diamond armor and weapons with potions, so you don't worry about having to bring and lose your own gear. You will also be disguised so no one knows who you are - this means every player in the arena at the time of the event will have the same skin, name and kit - making the event as fair as it can be.

As the event progresses, there will be messages in chat saying who killed who and how many players there are left. When you die or if the event has finished and the final player has been slain, you will be teleported back to where you were before the event started. In chat there will be a message showing who the top 5 players are and how many kills they got, as well as what rewards they received.

We hope you are looking forward to taking part in the new Free For All event on Skyblock and Prison! Feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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