Prison: Gang Rework

Prison: Gang Rework

Hey everyone! Introducing a brand new update for the Prison realm - we have completely re-worked the Gangs system!

Previously, when players joined one of the three gangs, they unlocked a bunch of perks and passive effects that were related to that gang's theme. Now, in the re-worked Gang system, there's so much more you can do!

Joining a Gang

If you're not part of a gang, you'll be prompted to join one in a menu that appears when you first join the Prison realm. If you're already part of a gang, then you can view each gang's perks via /gangs. The 3 gangs that inhabit Prison are Red (dedicated to getting the best sell deals and purchases), Blue (dedicated to being the best at PvP) & Yellow (dedicated to mining the most).

When you join the gang initially, you'll be given items related to your gang. As well as this, you'll be given some additional one-time only items.

As well as these changes, we listened to feedback and players in the same gang will now be able to deal damage to each other. Previously this wasn't a feature and it caused some frustration in PvP as there was a limited the amount of players that could actually fight each other.

Gang Leveling

After joining a gang, players will be able to increase their gang level by participating in actions that give you EXP. Each individual gang has different actions that you have to do to gain EXP, as each gang is dedicated to a particular aspect of the Prison life (selling, PvP, mining).

Players can level up in their gang to a maximum level of 25, with each level unlocking more perks and new abilities. Here's what you can look forward to when you level up:


Gain more money for the items you sell as you progress through the levels. You'll unlock lots of different types of boosters, as well as having your base sell prices at certain places increased.


Gain permanent passive effects that are helpful when PvPing other players, as well as unlock the daily blue PvP kit via /kit blue at level 12.


Gain more mining experience, more blocks and ores from mining, as well as % off of ranking up and prestiging prices. The miner's dream!

Here's what each gang needs to do to gain EXP:


Selling to NPCs gives 15XP (5m cooldown)
Buying CEs from /tokenshop gives 15XP (1m cooldown)
Merchant proccing gives 20XP (5m cooldown)
AutoSell proccing gives 20XP (5m cooldown)
Opening a crystal gives 15XP (5m cooldown)
Collecting from your pet ranch gives 15XP (30m cooldown)


Killing Players gives 30XP (5m cooldown per player)
Capturing KOTH gives 150, 70, 25XP for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place respectively
Capturing Outpost gives 40XP (60m cooldown)
Getting Top Boss Damage gives 150XP (30m cooldown)
Damaging boss gives 30XP (30s cooldown)


Throwing Minebombs gives 20XP (10 minute cooldown)
Throwing Candybombs gives 20XP (10 minute cooldown)
Mining candies from Candybombs gives 10XP (15m cooldown)
Refining Candies gives 10XP (15m cooldown)
Completing a curse gives 30XP (15m cooldown)
Exp amounts/cooldowns will be adjusted according to balance needs

When you unlock perks, you'll permanently have them until the end of the season, so it is definitely worth grinding out the levels to get to level 25.

Players will be able to purchase Gang Transfer Tokens from our server store, if you feel like your initial gang choice is just not the one for you. Grab one from our server store here.

We hope you enjoy this week's Prison content update and are excited for the next set of updates that we have planned. Be sure to take some time to try it out and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server:

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