God Rank Release

God Rank Release

Today we've added a new rank to our selection. The new top rank called God Rank will be at a price of $60 ($54 with sale).

The rank earns its top spot by being the most rewarding purchase on our store, making it a great way to gain that extra edge over your opponents towards that island or cell top position.

The God Rank will include all features that lower ranks have with a noticeable upgrade to them:

List of commands God Rank will gain access to

People who purchase the God Rank will also gain a number of powerful perks including:

List of perks God Rank will gain

On top of that, we have included some extras that you will receive upon purchase to thank you for your support of our server.

Feel free to explore and read more on the God Rank on our store: https://buy.hoaxmc.com/

Prison Zombie Release

Today, we announce the release of a long term project that has been in the works for a while. The prison gamemode is one of the oldest gamemodes in Minecraft Multiplayer and we