Legend Rank Release

Legend Rank Release

Recently, we have expanded our rank selection by adding a brand new top rank called the Legend Rank at a price of $36 ($32.40 with sale)

This new rank is the most rewarding rank that we have ever introduced on HoaxMC, making it a prime target for players looking to take advantage of our 10% Off Sale!

With the Legend Rank you will receive over 20 features including:

  • /fly
  • /fix all
  • Up to 6 Private Vaults
  • Up to 8 Homes
  • Kit Legend (our best kit yet)
  • And much more!!

You will also gain access to a number of perks like:

  • Robots starting at Standard Tier rather than Basic Tier
  • Keeping your EXP on death
  • 3.5x McMMO Gain
  • 1.6x Mobcoin multiplier
  • 250% Redstone/Hopper increase
  • A server-wide notification when you log in

On top of all of that, we want to show you our appreciation by offering some extra items on purchase:

  • 2x Legendary Keys
  • Island invite limit raised to 14
  • Sell up to 8 items on /ah
  • A $100,000 weekly allowance available through /allowance

Feel free to explore and read more on the Legend Rank on our store: https://buy.hoaxmc.com/

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