A massive update has just arrived at the MobCoin shop! You can view these brand new updates in-game by doing the /mobshop command.

Visit our Regular MobCoin Shop and Limited MobCoin Shop!

Our MobCoin shop now has two sections! These sections include:


This is your regular MobCoin shop. All of these items will stay here and not change for the entire season. You can come back at any time to purchase them!


There will be two sections in this Limited Item shop. On the right side are the Basic Items and the left side are the OP Items. You can always refer to the diamond block if you require assistance.

All items in this section rotate after the timer is up. You can view the cooldown for the rotation by hovering over the clock above each section. After the time is up, the items in the section will rotate, and new items will be available for purchase.

Basic items will rotate daily, and you can purchase up to 6 items per rotation. You can win useful items and tools, such as spawners, a variety of wands, gkits, pouches and much more!

OP items will rotate every 3 days, and you can purchase up to 2 items per rotation. You can win spawners of higher value, wands, MobCoin trophies, unlimited wands, pouches, crate keys and some kits with very special enchants.

You can now buy certain items in bulk instead of buying them one by one! Examples of these items are mob spawners, enchanted books and crate keys. This quality of life change makes your life just that little bit easier when purchasing them!

God Rank Release

Today we've added a new rank to our selection. The new top rank called God Rank will be at a price of $60 ($54 with sale). The rank earns its top spot by

Prison Zombie Release

Today, we announce the release of a long term project that has been in the works for a while. The prison gamemode is one of the oldest gamemodes in Minecraft Multiplayer and we