Skyblock: The Planting Machine

Skyblock: The Planting Machine

Welcome to this week's content update on HoaxMC.

This week we add the Planting Machine to our collection of machines. The machine will automatically plant, grow and farm the crop of your choice, only requiring the seed of the crop.

The Setup

To setup this machine, make a 3x3 square of grass, break the middle block and replace it by placing down the machine. The machine will automatically till and hydrate the soil and will continue to do so while it's working.

Then place a chunk hopper within the chunk of the machine to act as its input hopper.

Continue by adding an output storge under the machine by placing a chest or a hopper.

To Use

To use this machine, start by researching a farm recipe using the Research Machine from The Machine Update.

Add the recipe to the machine by right-clicking the machine while holding your recipe.

To start the machine, add the needed ingredients to the input hopper/chest. In this case, we are making melons, using melon seeds and using bone meal to boost the melon growth.

The machine will then start farming, but you can turn it off/on at anytime using the machine GUI.

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