Prison Content Update

Prison Content Update

Hey everyone! This week's content update will be for the Prison Blaze realm, and we'll be showcasing a whole new range of Pet Armor, adding enchantment prestiging and introducing this month's Premium Pet! This powerful new armor is empowered with the spirits of your pets - and a must have for Prison life!

What is Pet Armor?

Your pets will reward you with special pet heads periodically whilst they're active in your Pet Ranch. These gifted Pet Heads can be claimed straight from your Pet Ranch's bank and you can craft them into different types of Pet Armor! Access the menu using /petarmor.

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Crafting Pet Armor

Pet Armor is crafted the exact same way that normal armor is created in a crafting table, except you use Pet Heads instead! Simply place them in the crafting table like you would with ores to create boots, leggings, chestplates and helmets.

Types of Pet Armor

Each type of pet will give you their specific type of Pet Head, so you'll be able to create lots of different sets of Pet Armor!

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Each individual set of Pet Armor will give you a great bonus effect when you are wearing the full set, or less powerful effects when you're wearing individual pieces. Pet armor will have the same protection value as protection 5 diamond armor but it is completely unbreakable!

Use Iron Elemental Pet Armor to give you a bonus in PvP, or use the Gold Elemental Pet Armor to give you more tokens while you're wearing it! Each set is unique so make sure you get your hands on them all!

Monthly Premium Pet

Introducing this month's Premium Pet - the Ruby Elemental! This rare pet is only available to get from the Premium Pet eggs, currently purchasable on our server store.

Place this pet on your ranch to reap it's benefits, which includes giving you money, EXP and tokens every hour!

Note: This pet will be available after tonight's reboots

Enchantment Prestiging

Enchantments have been updated, allowing players to cap out their enchantments much sooner than before, however now they can complete a challenge to prestige their enchantments to make them even better!

Each enchantment will have a different challenge and tasks that you have to complete that will give you rewards. You can access the menu at the bottom of the /tokenshop enchantments section, where you will see a slot that you must place your pickaxe in to see the challenges.

We hope you enjoy this week's Prison content update and are excited for the next set of updates that we have planned. Be sure to take some time to try them out and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server:

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