Prison: The Revamp & Merge

Prison: The Revamp & Merge

Hey everyone, today we are announcing the highly anticipated Prison revamp as well as the merge of both Prison servers into one.

On Saturday @ 1:00PM EST we will be releasing the newly merged Prison realm - Prison Zombie will be merged into Prison Blaze. Don't worry too much about the merge though, as players with ranks on Zombie will get their rank equivalent on Blaze.

We've been working hard over the past few months to really perfect the Prison gamemode before we introduce it to you all here on HoaxMC. We finally feel as though it is ready to be enjoyed, with lots of awesome new features and many gameplay changes compared to last season.

New Map & Mines

Before we hop into the new features, let's take a look at the new map and some of the new mines. The theme for this new Prison revamp is cartoons, so level up and see if you can find your favorite cartoon in one of the mines!


We will be replacing our cell islands with plots. Plots will work very similarly to islands, you can create your plot by typing /plot and following the interactive GUI.

Image from Gyazo

There are 4 plots that you can choose from.


We are adding Backpacks as a way to store ores while mining. When your inventory gets full inside of a mine, your ores will automatically fill into your backpack. You can purchase and upgrade backpacks through the /tokenshop


Your starter backpack only has 1 item slot, however you can upgrade it to hold a total of 300 slots.

Void Backpack

Introducing the Void Backpack - a backpack that sells it's contents every 5 minutes for a 20% fee. The blocks inside will be sold based on the highest mine that you have unlocked at that time.


Candy is our reworked version of Contraband. Candies are now farmable and upgradable. Simply, right-click your candy to consume it and use it's special ability.

You can find a list of our candies with their abilities below:

Hoax | Candies
Sheet1 Enabled/Disabled ,Rarity ,Name,Raw,Refined,Tasty,Delicious Common,Sour Patch,Confusion: 10 Seconds Posion: 10 Seconds,Speed: 10 Seconds Jump: 10 Seconds ,Speed: 20 Seconds Jump: 20 Seconds ,Speed: 30 Seconds Jump: 30 Sec...

Creating Candies

To begin your candy creation, travel to your plot and type /farm. Place down and confirm your farm placement. To begin using your Candy farm, you must use your tokens to upgrade your storage unit, harvester level and seeder level. This can be done by right-clicking the farm core (daylight sensor) and clicking the farm upgrades button.


Your farm will then start planting, growing, and harvesting candies. Your candies will start at the common level which is their weakest state, giving small buffs and debuffs when used depending on the candy. You can upgrade your candy to make the effects more powerful.

Refining Candies

To upgrade your candy, travel to your plot and type /refinery. Place down and confirm your refinery placement. Take common candy out of your farm, and right-click the hopper while holding it to input it into the refinery. The refinery will then begin upgrading the candy. The upgraded candy will be placed inside the storage area once it is done. Here is an example of the difference between an common vs a refined candy.


You can continue to refine candy to further upgrade its effect up to 3 times.

Refiner Fuel is needed to power your Refineries. You can purchase this in the /expshop for experience. The Refiner Fuel will last for a certain amount of refines until it runs out. You can only use it to refine your candy if you have the fuel in your refinery.

Selling Candies

You can sell your candies to the NPCs at your mine. The price of the candies sold is dependent on how refined the candy is as well as the mine that it is sold at. There will be a separate NPC that you can sell at so you don't need to worry about accidentally selling all the precious candy you refined! As a result of the value rework, when you sell candies they will also contribute towards your value.

As with the value rework, when you sell candies they will also contribute towards your value.

New Reworked Value System

The Plot Top and plot value evaluations have been completely redone for this revamp to better fit the true nature of prison! Prison isn't about placing blocks, it's about mining and selling them, so we tweaked the value system for this very reason.

Your value will now be accumulated from the money gained from selling to the NPCs at the mines, as well as the bonus blocks placed down on your plot. Bonus value blocks that you can earn from Crystals and Crates will still be in /value and add to the value of your plot!

All plot value will be reset on a weekly basis - so no more giant valuable block towers! This also gives new players the chance to get plot top.

Note: Blocks placed on your plot will be deleted and only contribute monetarily to that week's plot value.


A new reward you can earn when you mine! You randomly gain Crystals that you can open to earn cool rewards.

As you prestige and level up you will gain access to new, better Crystals.  Take a look at the crystals and their rewards in /Crystals.

With the Crystal update we also changed the old crystals to "Fragments". You can access the old menu with the /fragments command!


The Freeworld is a survival world accessible to people who have reached Prestige 1 and above. This new world is filled with highly rewarding challenges that you can complete there, giving you rewards that you can use in the Mainworld.
Your challenges will increase in difficulty and prize value the higher you prestige.


Super Enchantments

Introducing 3 brand new enchantments, Upgrader, Minebreaker & Tunneler. These highly powerful enchantments are more powerful than the regular enchants that you can get for your pickaxe and are only available to get from certain crates.


When you mine a block, there is a chance for some of the surrounding blocks to be upgraded to higher tiered blocks!

Image from Gyazo


When this enchant activates, it breaks a huge amount of random blocks all the way throughout the mine, no matter what layer you're on. The Minebreaker enchant has a chance of activating every 3 minutes.

Image from Gyazo


Create 3x3 block tunnels throughout the mine with the Tunneler enchant!

Image from Gyazo

Extra Additions


We've updated our money pouch system so instead of giving a specific amount of money, it'll give you money based on what mine you're at. This way it'll be more beneficial for you no matter what level you are!


Added 6 new curses: Walk 100 Steps, Find the Sponge/Chicken, Mine 1k Blocks, Kill the Boss, & Stand Still. As well as this, we've added chat messages in addition to titles to let you know when Curses have been activated.

We know that you've all been waiting patiently and hope you're excited for the Prison merge & revamp that's finally here! Please let us know what you think and feel free to give us feedback and suggestions on our Discord server. We look forward to seeing you this Saturday @ 1:00pm EST for the Prison Revamp!

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