Prison Zombie Release

Prison Zombie Release

Today, we announce the release of a long term project that has been in the works for a while. The prison gamemode is one of the oldest gamemodes in Minecraft Multiplayer and we want to do it justice by ensuring we release a fun and engaging prison realm for you all to enjoy.

Prison Zombie will be releasing this Sunday at 3:00 PM EST!

With this release, we want to try a new approach to the Prison gamemode with plenty of unique features and adventures for players to explore at their own pace. There is always something for you to do, and the beauty of it is that you will never stop advancing, exploring, and discovering.

This post is formatted to be a beginner's guide to all things Prison while trying not to spoil the fun by overloading you with information.


Once you’ve entered the server, we will ask you to choose 1 of 3 gangs available

  • Cheetahs

Adopt the agility of a true cheetah with faster movement speed (Speed 1)

  • Gorillas

Toughen up with an extra heart when you join this gang

  • Badgers

Get over your obstacles easier with jump boost 1 when you join this gang

Not sure if you’ve made the right choice? Don’t worry you can always change your gang at a reasonable price.


The mines are your main way of making money early on. There are over 50 mines for you to mine your way through.

All mining areas have PvP enabled by default so be careful! You can disable PvP for yourself using /safemode

  • Your items will sell for less while safemode is enabled


Once in a while, a riot event will begin where all three gangs battle it out against one another to capture and win the riot for worthy prizes.

To win, a gang must stay on the capture zone for 60 seconds.

Throughout the event, cash prizes will drop around the riot area available for anyone to grab.

Everyone in the winning gang will receive a KoTH Key & 3 of the best spawners available in-game


Your sack is the best way to sneak a few extra dollars into your mining trips.

After your inventory fills up, your items will start to enter your /sack where they will stay and will be sold for a higher price.

Caution: The guards will start to notice you trying to cheat the system and will come to punish you, you can kill them and continue or play it safe and sell your collection.


While gangs are larger and more general ways of making some allies in the prison, you can also make your own party of 10 of your closest inmates!

  • Use /party create [name] to create your party
  • Invite your friends using /party invite [IGN]
  • View your party info using /party info

Being in a party also allows you to /enemy other parties to see when members in that party will toggle their /safemode, or you can /target a specific player to get the /safemode notifications for them.

Lucky Blocks:

Lucky blocks are a way to make your mining grind more entertaining. Every so often while you’re mining, you will come across a lucky block.

When broken the lucky block will either reward you some crystals or give you a curse. Beat the challenge to conquer the curse and receive even more crystals.

You can save up your crystals to eventually craft them into Crate Keys!


Contrabands are special items with actives that can give you an advantage in different situations usually in PvP. You can gain contraband by killing different mobs.

Contrabands are very rare, and different mobs drop different contraband, that’s up to you to discover.


Your cell is a place of safety and control. You have full control over what happens in your cell.

  • Type /cell to get started
  • Find info on other player’s cells using /cell info [IGN]

Compete with other cells for a top 5 spot on /celltop to win our weekly payouts including Paypal & Buycraft prizes!

Games of Chance:

Another, more risky way of making money on prison is by playing some games of chance at the prison casino.

Inside the Casino, located in front of spawn, you will find 3 games of chance.

Rock, Paper, Swords

  • Wager against the server and possibly double your money
  • You can also wager against other players using /rps


  • Coinflips are another great way to wager and potentially double your money
  • You can wager against the server at the casino
  • You can play against other players using /cf

Slot Machine

  • Take a chance at the ultimate jackpot and with 10x your wager
  • They, unlike RPS and Coinflips, are only available in the Casino


Bosses are high tiered mobs with special abilities that will spawn at random mines throughout the server.

Players will fight the boss together hoping to do the most damage to it. The players with the most amount of damage to the boss will be rewarded with a Boss Crate Key which they can redeem for valuable items.


Capture the outpost at /warp outpost to gain rewards for your entire cell team!

Capturing the outpost will gain you the following rewards:

  • 1.5x EXP Booster
  • 1.5x Spawner Booster
  • 100k every 15 mins

Use /outpost in-game for more info.


After reaching the final mine, you can prestige. Prestiging will execute the following things for you:

  • Your balance will be set 0
  • You will be sent back to the first mine
  • You will gain an extra row of slots in your /sack
  • You will gain 7.5x sell bonus
  • You will gain a tag showing how many times you’ve prestiged

We have put a countless amount of hours into this release to ensure that you get the best experience possible. We hope that you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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