Quality of Life Changes

Quality of Life Changes

Hello everyone! For this week's content update we have made a series of Quality of Life changes to Skyblock and Prison, as well as added a few global updates that have been highly requested.


- Added the ability to right-click Leaderboard NPCs to see your personal stats in a menu or in chat
- Added /fullinv command to toggle full inventory messages. This command can also be found in /toggle. The /toggle command is useful as it allows you to toggle on and off certain chat alerts, messages or requests.


- Added a button in the /is top menu that allows you to see a text version of the Leaderboard in chat

- Island co-owners can now create Taxi Signs
- Created the /hoppers command that shows you how many more hoppers you can place on your island
- Added an option to collect all items in a Robot’s inventory
- Added a way to disable/enable a Robot's inventory, so it doesn't pickup items

- When turning a Robot into an egg and it has items in it's storage, you will now collect those items in your inventory if you have space, otherwise the items will be dropped on the floor
- We have updated the Glass Breaker custom enchantment which allows it to apply to blocks like Sea Lanterns and Glowstone
- Added a /milk command that gets rid of potions effects. This command cannot be used in combat
-  If you do [inv] in Island Chat, then it will show your inventory to your island members only
- Condense Wands can now be used on chests for strength potion stacking
- Added Stacker Wand usage to /stats
- Added an option to disable holograms above Custom Trees.
- You can now shift-click Custom Trees to harvest them
- Added Glass Breaker and Silk Touch functions to the Omni-tool


- The highly requested /prefix command! Use this command to change your tab and chat prefix to one of your currently owned tags. This includes special limited rank tags that you purchased or won during seasonal events.

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- The name of the player who used a KoTH Starter will now be broadcast in chat
- Added money made from fishing to Leaderboards
- You can no longer redeem one time use notes whilst in combat
- Added Lottery win stats to /stats
- Added the ability for Staff members to do /slowchat XSeconds which limits how often players can send a message in chat instead of having to mute chat
- For Rename Scrolls, we have added a confirmation message and preview mode

We hope you enjoy this week's Quality of Life update, be sure to check out the changes and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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