Skyblock: Rewards & Pets Update

Skyblock: Rewards & Pets Update

Hello everyone, welcome to the Rewards and Pets Update. We will be showcasing three updates in this post two of which are additions made to create more opportunity for free rewards!

Community Challenges

Community challenges are a new way to gain free rewards by contributing to a daily community goal. Every day, a new community challenge is unlocked for the realm to complete together. For example:

You must then rush to contribute enough to the goal and meet the threshold (visible in the /challenge GUI) to gain a special reward. All players who surpass the threshold win the reward.

Rewards for the challenges vary depending on the challenge.

The Top 5 people who contribute the most to the goal will be displayed on the /challenge GUI.

Chat Quizzes

Chat quizzes are another easy way to collect some extra mobcoins. Every 15 minutes or so, a server trivia/math/unscramble questions will pop in chat. The first person to solve them and type the answer in chat will win mobcoins! You can gain 100 mobcoins for answering the trivia questions correctly, and 1000 mobcoins for answering the unscramble and math questions correctly!

The Pet Shop

You can now buy Pocket Pets straight from the /pet GUI in the Petting Zoo Section.

The Pets vary in price based on the power of their abilities and passives.

We hope you enjoy this week's content update, take some time to try them out and leave us your feedback on our discord:

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