Prison: Riots

Prison: Riots

Hey everyone, this week's content update will be for the Prison Blaze realm. Introducing the brand new Riot event! Try and escape the prison filled with guards and inmates, while collecting loot along the way!


Riots are an awesome new event that happens once a day, at varying times. When this event begins, you'll see a message in chat saying "A Riot has just broken out!" and you'll be able to type /riot join to teleport there. You must be quick though, as there will only be a 30 second countdown until the event starts, and after this is over, you won't be able to join.

When the warp has closed, there will be a 10 second countdown until the cells that players are placed in, will open. You will then have 15 minutes to locate any of the 30 reward chests hidden around the prison, all while fighting off Prison Guards who will attack you. Each player will have been given a preset kit, and any rewards they can find in the Prison will can be accessed through /riot rewards when the event is over.

You will find that certain chests will contain better loot compared to others, these chests are in typically harder to reach places where you will have to parkour to claim them. When attempting to open a chest, you'll receive a captcha where you will need to complete the recipe, then the loot you find will be sent to your Riot Claim instead of your inventory. This means you don't have to worry about losing your items if you die.

Each chest has 1 reward, and rewards consist of desirable items such as boosters, tokens, pickaxes, backpacks, fortune 100 books, pouches, ranks, tags, crate keys and more! To view what rewards there are available, type /riots and select the rewards menu. To collect your own rewards, do /riot rewards.

Image from GyazoImage from Gyazo

Prison Guards will walk on a set path around the prison, covering as much ground as possible. These guards will have an eyesight range of 15 blocks, and if you enter this danger zone, then the guards will chase and attack you all while armed with diamond swords. You will be wielding wooden swords, so it'll take several hits to kill a guard.

Be mindful of your fellow prisoners though, as after 1 minute in PvP will become enabled, meaning you can fight and kill any of the other prisoners/players. You will not receive any extra rewards for killing other players, nor will you receive their loot - however killing them will prevent them from finding any of the hidden chests.

Take a look at the awesome new Prison arena that you can warp to using /riot:

We hope you enjoy this week's Prison content update and the new Riot event. Be sure to take some time to try it out and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server:

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