These are the basic server rules and they are subject to change at any time. If there are any changes to the rules the community will be updated.

  • If you are banned or muted, do not evade the punishment.
  • Do not use a hacked client of any kind.
  • Toxicity is not tolerated and will be punished.
  • Releasing personal information through any HoaxMC Platform is not allowed. This includes posting any personal information which is public without consent, you may only post information about yourself and nobody else. Furthermore, this includes using a picture of another player as your profile picture.
  • No Ddossing, Doxing or Swatting.
  • Staff members cannot scam, inside or give you false information. (If done, report to an Administrator).
  • Freezing your Minecraft is not allowed.
  • Exploiting a glitch, bug or unfair method to gain an advantage over other players is not allowed.
  • Using scripts or macros to gain an advantage are not allowed. This includes any form of auto-clicking. All clicks must be manual (meaning the use of scroll-wheels, multiple inputs, and drag-clicking is not allowed).
  • Lying to any staff member and providing fake evidence will result in a punishment.
  • Creating fake evidence to gain redeemable items is not allowed.
  • Players making lag machines or intentionally lagging the server will be punished.
  • Hacking another players account will result in a permanent ban and a blacklist.
  • No auto-fishing or auto farming. (This includes vanilla machines, you must right click manually to cast and catch and you must manually collect the resources yourself with no advantage or use of schematica).
  • IRL Trading is allowed if it involves items on the store and in-game. However, IRL Trading involving items on the store and/or in-game for IRL money, paypal, bitcoin, skins or any other methods is not allowed.
  • IRL Scamming is punishable if it involves items on the store and in-game. We are not responsible for punishing for IRL Scamming if it involves items and/or payment methods not listed as we do not allow IRL trading with these involved.
  • Rebinding the attack key, is not allowed. When attacking, all clicks must be done through a single input, manually, by the user every single time.
  • All clicks must be manual (meaning the use of scroll-wheels, multiple inputs, and drag-clicking is disallowed)

Skyblock Rules:

Prison Rules:


Charge-backs will result in a permanent ban with no option to appeal. However you will be asked in-game to verify any items purchased under your name, so you take responsibility for anything purchased on your account. If you accept a purchase and then someone charges back on you, make a support ticket in discord.


The following are not allowed and will result in a punishment being given out:

  • Ddos, Doxing or Swatting Threats
  • Advertising
  • IRL Money Scamming
  • Leaking Personal Information
  • Use of Macros
  • Autoclicking
  • Auto Farming or Fishing
  • Inappropriate (Comments, Items, Skins, Caps, Builds, Links, Symbols, Names or Island Names)
  • Hacked Client
  • Ban or Mute Evasion
  • Bug or Glitch Abuse
  • Keybinding
  • Ingame Scamming
  • Fake AH Items
  • Misleading Profit Shop Signs
  • IRL Trade Requests
  • Lag Machines
  • Threats Directed to Players or Staff
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Homophobic / Transphobic / Ableism Slurs
  • Racial Slurs
  • Death Threats, Wishes or Jokes
  • Suicide Encouragement
  • Misuse of /helpop
  • Unrelated Links
  • Command Spam
  • Server Hate
  • Player / Staff Disrespect
  • Word Spam / Character Spam / Sending The Same Message
  • Excessive Caps
  • Inciting Spam
  • Bypassing Chat Filter
  • Speaking Foreign Languages
  • Lying to Staff
  • Insiding / Griefing Islands
  • Strike Evasion
  • Use of Printer
  • TPA / Portal / Island Trapping or Killing
  • Flying In, Above or Below the Warzone
  • Entering an Island Through Unauthorized Ways
  • Kicking Members After They Contribute to the Island
  • Splitting Value / Island Wealth


If you're caught using a hacked client or modification not listed on the below list, you will be punished. If you believe a modification should be added or removed from the list, message a staff member.

  • 5zig
  • Armor Status
  • Badlion Client
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Bspkrs Core
  • Chunk Borders
  • Console Client
  • Coordinates Mod
  • Cosmic Client
  • Direction Mod
  • Forge
  • Hyperium
  • Keystrokes Mod
  • Laby Mod
  • Lite Loader
  • Lunar Client
  • Mini Map (Without Radar or Entities)
  • Optic Craft Client (OCMC)
  • Optifine
  • Potion Effect
  • PvPLounge
  • Replay Mod
  • Schematica
  • Scoreboard Mod
  • Shaders
  • Tabby Chat
  • Toggle Sneak or Sprint with Fly Boosting
  • World Download


If you see a staff member breaking any of these rules listed below, please make a staff report on discord.

  • Abusing
  • Insiding
  • Leaking Staff Chat or Private Information
  • Swearing or Toxicity
  • Scamming
  • Using their rank to get an advantage