Skyblock: New Content Updates

Skyblock: New Content Updates

Hey everyone! For this week's content update we have updated cobblestone generators as well as added a brand new minigame - Blackjack! Be the player with the closest number to 21 to win! You can also look forward to seeing some other Skyblock related updates.

Cobblestone Generators

Cobblestone generators now automatically start at level 1 and generate ores instead of just cobblestone. Upgrade your generators in your /island upgrades section to create more valuable ore blocks when mining your cobblestone generator.

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When using your cobblestone generator for the first time, you'll see a hologram appear that prompts you to check out the cobblestone generator settings in Island Upgrades by clicking on it. This hologram will disappear after 30 seconds so it won't get in the way.

To upgrade your generator, you'll need to mine a certain amount of blocks on your island, then pay a money fee. This goal is reached by all members of your island mining ores together, not each individual player.

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Each player starts with 2 cards, and the goal is to either beat the dealers score, get 9 cards in your deck or get a Blackjack (21 points)!

You can play with up to 5 friends against the server or as a solo player. Players must place bets every round and the winner receives it all when the game is over.

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Hit means that you want to pick up another card to add to your hand.

Stand means that you're happy with your current cards and don't wish to pick up any more. After you click stand, then the dealer will pick cards until they reach or pass 17 points.

Bet Conditions

If you hit a perfect Backjack, aka if your total points is 21, then the multiplier for the money won is 2.5x how much you bet. If you win but your total is not 21, then the multiplier for your the money won is 2x how much you bet.

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If your deck's total matches the dealer's total, then you receive your money back.

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If you fill up all 9 of your card slots and don't go over 21, then you automatically win the round, disregarding how close other players are to 21.

Additional Content

We've also been adding some smaller updates to Skyblock, all shown in the #changelog channel in the HoaxMC Discord. If you're not up to date with these changes, check them out here!

  • Island Co-Owners now have access to the full control menu, including upgrade purchases
  • More than doubled the list of available Chat Quiz questions & answers
  • Added /Forest and /Fishing warps to /warp menu
  • Added an option to fill your inventory with CE books by right-clicking in the /CE purchase menu
  • Added /bounty toggle and clickable messages to toggle Bounty messages on/off
  • Added a flag to control access to read/send messages in Island/Plot/Hideout chat

We hope you enjoy this week's Skyblock content update, take some time to try the new minigame out and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server:

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