Skyblock Chicken Reset

Skyblock Chicken Reset

Hey all, and welcome to the Skyblock Chicken Reset post.

The new map of chicken will be released this Saturday @ 1:00 PM EST

Resets include a wipe of the entire map, which means your island, robots, chests, private vaults, McMMO, and all materials you own in-game will be gone.

However, your ranks, kits, Gkits, tags, disguises, or anything that has been promised to you as a permanent purchase will stay with you through to the next map. This means that you won't lose them and keep them forever!

These map resets are meant to allow all players both new and old to get a fresh start. Maybe this map you could take that top island position and win payout.

The new map will bring a new beautiful spawn for Chicken! Check out a sneak peek below:

The newly reset realm will also be home to a new and re-balanced economy to try to keep things fresh for the veteran players. Find all about the new economy here

Similar to the first map, you can expect us to release consistent content updates throughout the map to keep things fresh for you. We appreciate your commitment and attention towards our server, thank you. See you all next map!

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