Skyblock: Roles Update

Skyblock: Roles Update

This week, we bring you more flag customization and increased control over your island member's permissions. As an Island leader, it can be helpful to categorize your members based on their role on the island and to give each player specific permissions based on their role. We hope to deliver that with this update.


We have created 6 roles within your island, each with separate permission, completely customization to your liking. Here they are, listed in order of least to most powerful:

  • Non-Member
  • Guest
  • Member (Default role)
  • Mod
  • Co-Owner
  • Owner (Not customizable)

Promotion & Demotion

When players first join your island, they gain the Member role. To promote or demote your members you may use /is promote/demote or promote them through the members tab in the /is GUI.

Note: By default, each of the roles have different flags, make sure you check them out and change them to your liking before promoting/demoting members!

Default Permissions

By default, players with member role will have your current island settings as their permission. Mods can kick/ban people from your island, and Co-Leaders have all permissions except transferring ownership of the island.

Again, make sure you set these settings before promoting or demoting members! You can do so by going to the Island Flags sections in your /is GUI. Spend the time looking over each permission, you don't want island members doing things that they shouldn't be doing!

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