The Fishing Update

The Fishing Update

Hey everyone, we are back with another update here on HoaxMC. Let’s jump right in!

Knowing that fishing is a popular way to gain some valuable loot, we want to make your time spent fishing a little more exciting.

Fishing rewards are custumized on our server, meaning you can get some really nice loot, and the higher your Fishing McMMO level is (up to level 2000), the better chance you have of getting nice loot.

To start off, we've reworked loot in fishing to make it more rewarding and exciting. We have also introduced The Master Angler Rod, and The Fisherman's Lake to spicen things up.

The Master Angler Rod

This legendary rod found in /pshop (costs 2 Million EXP) will increase your chance to find loot and give a boost towards your Fishing McMMO EXP. Here are some more details about the item:

As with all items in /pshop, you can upgrade them by completing a set of challenges. The challenges can be found below:

  • Levek 1 (To unlock the item): Catch 25 of any fish
  • Level 2: Catch 5 of each fish
  • Level 3: Catch 75 of any fish
  • Level 4: Catch 10 of each fish
  • Level 5: Catch 150 of any fish


At its maximum power, The Master Angler Rod will increase your chance of catching fish by 50% and give you a 50% boost towards gaining Fishing McMMO levels

The Fisherman’s Lake

This abandoned island once owned by a great fisherman is now open to the public (by using /fish to teleport there) for all your fishing related activities. The island is said to give powerful buffs to all fishers that use it, the buffs can be found below:

  • 25% Boost towards gaining Fishing McMMO Levels
  • This boost increases by 1% for every person fishing here for a maximum of +25%
  • At its full power, this lake gives a 50% boost
  • The enriched waters of the lake give you a higher chance of catching high tier loot


Oh, and one more thing…

Pocket Pet Good Boy

Once acquired and deployed, this new adorable pug will try his best to impress his owner by finding them loot. While the loot may not always be good, the Good Boy pet can also find high valued loot like Crate Keys from time to time.


The Enchanted Update

Welcome back to yet another update! This week we bring you two new custom enchants. You can check out these enchants in-game using /enchant or /ce. Find all the info on the new