The Halloween Update

The Halloween Update

Happy Halloween everyone! This Halloween we are celebrating with some new spooky content, which we'll cover in this post.

Grim Reaper GKit

With this new GKit which is only available for a limited time, you will win a number of powerful items helping you get an edge up over your opponents.

The GrimReaper Tag (use /tags to access)

A quick runthrough of the items in the GrimReaper GKit 

Find more on GKits on our store:

Pumpkin Envoys

To get everyone in the Halloween spirit, we've reskinned our Envoy drop chests to Jack o' Lanterns - so watch out for them in the warzone to grab some extra spooky rewards!

Prison Zombie Release

Today, we announce the release of a long term project that has been in the works for a while. The prison gamemode is one of the oldest gamemodes in Minecraft Multiplayer and we

Legend Rank Release

Hey everyone, we are back with another brilliant update! This week, we’re bringing you a brand new rank - the legend rank. With this rank you can receive an array of amazing perks and features. Read the rest of the post to find out more!