The Machine Update

The Machine Update

Hey there, this week on HoaxMC, we bring you The Machine Update!

Introducing the Research Machine & the Crafting Machine! These brand new machines can be obtained through crates, the rotating mobshop, and machine bundles available on our store. The two machines are made with care and precision engineering, guaranteeing you great efficiency when mass producing items.

An explanation on how to use these machines can be found below:

Research Machine


Your Research Machine is how you collect your crafting recipes, which are needed for your Crafting Machine to operate.
To use your Research Machine, simply place it down, right click, click "Start new research" and choose which recipe you'd like to research!


Each reaserch takes a certain amount of time to complete, but you can shorten this time using EXP.


After completing the research, you can claim it by right clicking the machine once again and then grabbing the item. You will be given a paper with the name of the item you'll be crafting as well as the time it will take to craft it. The crafting time is random meaning you can possiblly get a lower crafting time by researching the same recipe multiple times.


Crafting Machines

To setup your crafting machine you must have an input-hopper placed next to the crafting machine and fill it up with materials required. Next you must have a chest or hopper below the machine for it to put the newly crafted items inside.


You can add a recipe to your crafting machine by right-clicking the machine while holding the recipe.

You can then select your recipe, turn your machine on and watch the magic happen!


Skyblock Chicken Reset

Hey all, and welcome to the Skyblock Chicken Reset post. The new map of chicken will be released this Saturday @ 1:00 PM EST Resets include a wipe of the entire map, which