The Player Shop Update

The Player Shop Update

Hey everyone, we are back with another great update! This week, we’re bringing you a brand new Chestshop (Player Shop) reimagined from the ground up.


  • Start a chestshop by putting a sign on a chest and then type [shop], or (shop) on the first line of the sign. Then simply follow the steps shown in your chat on screen to create your very own Player Shop!

  • Sell/Buy something by right clicking on the sell sign of someone’s shop. Check the items you’re trading in the middle of the menu, then click confirm to buy/sell the items. Click cancel if you don’t want to sell/buy the item. If you want to delete your chestshop just simply break the sign on your shop!

  • This new and improved reincarnation of Player Shops will allow you to buy and sell more items than ever before, with confidence knowing what you’re buying/selling every time!

The Not So Minor Update

This week on HoaxMC, we bring you a number of small updates that are collectively impactful enough that we felt an update post would be appropriate. 3 New Island Flags We have added

The Enchanted Update

Welcome back to yet another update! This week we bring you two new custom enchants. You can check out these enchants in-game using /enchant or /ce. Find all the info on the new