Prison Zombie Reset & Pig and Squid Merge

Prison Zombie Reset & Pig and Squid Merge

Prison Zombie Reset

Hey everyone, this weekend we will be taking Prison Zombie out of beta. After 2 weeks of tweaking, fixing bugs and getting input from the community we are going to be releasing Prison Zombie officially!

This means that we will be resetting the server and releasing it for its first official map this Saturday at 3 PM EST.

During the beta we made a lot of improvements and small changes, which you can take a look at on the #changelog channel in our discord, but here is a quick summary:

  • Made the /mines menu more user-friendly
  • Players no longer drop their pickaxes on death.
  • Players no longer lose EXP on death.
  • Blocks give EXP even without the Extract Custom Enchant.
  • Improved /safemode to truly protect the player from damage.
  • Added action bar messages to show your progress towards your next rank/prestige.
  • Improved Rank kits.
  • Added /safemode status to check whether you are in /safemode or not.
  • Added an indicator on your scoreboard aswell.
  • Added information about custom enchants to /ce.
  • Right-click the enchant categories to see the descriptions of each enchant.
  • Added a blocks broken tracker onto pickaxes.
  • Stopped mobs from dropping items - instead, they are used for EXP, mobcoins and contraband.
  • Added /disenchant as a perk to the Hustler rank and above.
  • Added Tokens and a Token Shop.
  • Player nametags are now colored based on your gang.
  • Added /crystal balance as a way to check how many crystals you have.
  • Added the ability to drag and drop efficiency enchants onto your pickaxe.
  • Added #TeamCrainer tag for the yellow team in /tag
  • Added new block composition for all the mines.
  • Added tokens to the crates.
  • The custom enchants TNT, Seismic & Drill have all been reworked and buffed.
  • Reworked the price of cell value blocks in /shop

Pig and Squid Merge

Hey everyone, after an exciting season for both Pig & Squid we've decided to merge our Skyblock Squid realm into the Skyblock Pig realm at 5 PM EST on Saturday. With over 2 months of fun, content and updates, we will be resetting both the Skyblock Squid & Pig realms and merging them into the Skyblock Pig realm for the first time ever!

With the new additions of the Dirt & Blaze realms onto Hoax, we've decided to merge both communities on Pig & Squid to allow for more competition for player's and to allow the newer players from DirtMC to form a connection with those already playing HoaxMC.  

We've also made huge improvements to server performance, with hundreds of optimizations over the last few months, so we're able to support more players per realm without lag. We hope this merge will bond the HoaxMC community together and make the server even more fun!

The servers will go into maintenance mode on Friday evening and will reset in under 24 hours.  

Since this is our first reset ever, you may be wondering what exactly will be getting wiped? What happens to all of your hard work? What comes with the next map? This post will attempt to answer those questions.

Resets include a wipe of the entire map, which means your island, robots, chests, private vaults, McMMO, and all materials you own in-game will be gone.

However, your ranks, kits, Gkits, tags, disguises, or anything that has been promised to you as a permanent purchase will stay with you through to the next map. This means that you won't lose them and keep them forever!

These map resets are meant to allow all players both new and old to get a fresh start. Maybe this map you could take that top island position and win payout. The new map will bring a new beautiful spawns for Skyblock Pig! Check out a sneak peek below:

The Machine Update

Hey there, this week on HoaxMC, we bring you The Machine Update! Introducing the Research Machine & the Crafting Machine! These brand new machines can be obtained through crates, the rotating mobshop, and

God Rank Release

Today we've added a new rank to our selection. The new top rank called God Rank will be at a price of $60 ($54 with sale). The rank earns its top spot by